The Empty Capsule Size Guide: Size 1 [Infographic]

Size #1 is ideal for people with difficulty swallowing capsules 

The Empty Capsule Size Guide: Capsule Size 1

Capsule size chart 

The overall length is:  

  • 19.4 mm 

Average Capacity: 

  • Mg: 288 - 576 
  • Teaspoons: 0.06 - 0.12 

The volume capacity is:  

  • 0.48 ml 

A full box of 1 capsules contains: 

  • 125,000 capsules

How big is the capsule? 

Capsule 1 is as big as a peanut.

This capsule is available in

Common uses

Capsule 1 is commonly used in food supplements 

    Check our empty capsule size chart here

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