Exploring the World of Flavored Capsules: Enhancing Medication Experience

From good taste to better adherence 

Exploring the World of Flavored Capsules: Enhancing Medication Experience


For some people, swallowing a pill is far from being a simple activity. The situation may get worse when the ingredients in the pill or supplement have a repulsive smell.

One way, however, to reduce or eliminate this stress is by using flavored capsules. 

Flavored capsules offer an innovative, fun way to increase product appeal and acceptance to consumers by masking the unpleasant taste of the encapsulated materials with pleasant flavors. For this reason, these capsules are becoming the manufacturers' and consumers’ favorite in recent times.

Read on to learn more about flavored caps in this article; what they are, their uses and benefits, and the popular flavors available.  

What are flavored capsules? 

Flavored capsules are a type of gelatin capsule produced with attractive food-derived flavors (and colors) to enhance the users' intake experience.  

These capsules are designed to attract the user with their appealing scent and taste and to creatively mask unpleasant characteristics of fill materials.     

Flavored caps offer superior taste-masking ability than plain capsules and serve a larger population of medication or nutraceutical consumers such as children, seniors, and even pets. The flavors can enhance palatability, swallowability, and overall medication administration.   

There is a wide variety of flavor choices from empty capsule manufacturers. Some popular examples include orange, lime, strawberry, mint, bubblegum, grape, and coffee-flavored capsules.

Benefits of using flavored capsules 

Coming with a pleasant taste, smell, and color, flavored capsules offer a unique set of advantages to people and pets over plain gelatin capsules. These advantages include: 

To people:  

1. Suitability for kids

Giving medications to children is mostly a herculean task, especially if the medicines have a poor taste or strong smell. But where the medication or supplements are presented to appear, smell or taste sweet, kids are more inclined to take them. 

Flavored capsules are customizable to give a variety of flavors and colors that are kid-friendly and easy to use. For instance, a toddler will likely get excited at the sight of an orange-flavored capsule. More so, flavored capsules remove the need to always make children's solid medication into candy-like gummies (which are often sweetened with artificial substances that have no nutritional value).

Flavored capsules for kids

2. Aid for special populations

Flavored capsules may serve as an important aid to boost medication adherence and overall health outcomes among patients with special needs. For visually impaired people, for example, who may rely on their sense of smell to identify their supplements or medications, flavored capsules could be particularly helpful to them in such cases. It can also give them some level of independence with their medication usage.  

Also, children or adults diagnosed with autism are particularly prone to medication refusal or may require multiple swallowing attempts when taking their drugs. For such people, flavored capsules may help reduce their medication anxiety and reduce the fear of having a bad taste in their mouth when using medications. In addition, older people may find it easier to remember to take their medicines when the capsules are colored-coded or flavored and are assigned a time of the day.  

3. Better medication use experience for all 

If you make your supplements at home, using empty flavored caps may increase the ease with which you take the herbs and supplements due to their better palatability. You are more willing to quickly take a capsule with a pleasant smell or color and keep your health strong. Generally, flavored capsules offer hassle-free medication use experience to all. 

4. As a branding option 

As a pharmaceutical or nutraceutical manufacturer, flavored capsules allow you to differentiate your brand with attractive, nature-derived flavors like mint, orange or berries, or even bacon (aided with matching colors) to appeal to more consumers and increase profits. 

Check out available flavored capsules here.

To Pets: 

Flavored capsules for pets

1. Convenient way to pill your pets

If giving a child medication is hard, then medicating your furry friends might be described as traumatizing. That is because pets, especially cats, are picky eaters with a more sophisticated sense of smell. 

However, one good innovative way to handle these fur babies is with the use of flavored pet capsules. With pet caps –capsules produced with chicken, bacon, beef, or joint flavors— your cat or dog gets to take its medication with less resistance and minimal stress on your side. 

Another advantage of these capsules is that you can give more than one drug with a single pet cap or encase one capsule in another to achieve successive releases of different medications based on the different dissolution times of each capsule. 

Lastly, these empty pet capsules are available in different pet-tailored sizes and flavors to meet the precise savory preferences of your pet. 

How to get the best-flavored capsules for your use   

As flavored capsules are gelatin-based, they must satisfy all relevant regulatory and quality standards for the composition, function, and safety of gel caps. They should also pass the palatability studies as a flavored variety. 

At Capsuline, we are proud to offer a rich line of top-quality flavored empty capsules for nutraceutical manufacturers, health-oriented consumers, and their pets. 

Our range of flavored gelatin empty capsules features a variety of appealing flavors, including strawberry, mint, orange, berry, coffee, grape, and more. You can also customize your brand with a flavor of your choice outside of this list.  

​​Our PetCaps catalog (capsules for pets) also has chicken, beef, and bacon-flavored empty capsules, all available in stock as size 0 and size 00, and suitable for administration to pets. With Capsuline PetCaps, medicating your pets gets pain and stress-free for everyone.​​​ 

Flavored capsules by Capsuline

The entire Capsuline flavored capsules line is made from BSE-free 100% bovine hide gelatin, purified water, and pharmaceutical-grade flavors.  

They are produced in our cGMP and FDA-approved facility and are Halal and Kosher certified. They have been safety tested and are free of allergens and GMO products. Our flavored capsules work well with all dry ingredients, showing excellent performance on filling machines.  

We are proud to offer you both technical elegance and clinical excellence in a capsule!

If you want flavored capsules, buy now or request a quote today. 

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