The Best Tips and Tricks to Pill your Cat

The common household cat is a mysterious little creature. One moment they are clawing their way down a cat tree, while begging for belly rubs, and the next they are running away hiding from you for what seems like days. The behavior of a cat is truly not only random but can make trying to medicate them seem like an Olympic sport. Our furry little feline friends have such copious amounts of love for us, and we as their caregivers want to provide a long and healthy life for them. Lucky for you, the reader, I have some helpful tips and tricks to supply medication to them, utilizing our pet friendly, chicken capsules.  
Cat taking a PetCaps by Capsuline

Common Diseases Found in Cats

Cats are prone to so many diseases throughout their lives, and along with these diseases, come probably more than just a few medications. Some common diseases that cats are prone to are cancer, diabetes, and Feline Leukemia. Now I am sure that the idea of your fur baby falling ill with one of these illnesses is enough to shed a tear, however if that day ever comes, or it already has, there are some steps you can take to ensure an enjoyable medication experience for both you and your kitty.  
Cancer, as a disease, is unfortunately extremely common in household domesticated cats. There are however some signs of early infection that if caught early enough, can be treated with veterinary prescribed medications. The most common type of cancer found in cats are called Mast cell tumors. A Mast cell is simply a while blood cell that can unfortunately begin to swell and, in some cases, turn into a malignant tumor. Fortunately, modern medicine makes it easy to treat this kind of cancer, as well as many other illnesses.  

Kitty Behavior

Cats are extremely picky eaters, and this is due to their highly sophisticated sense of taste and smell. The moment that a cat finds the smallest thing off with their food, it can ruin the entire meal for them. By using a flavored capsule to hide their medication in, the foul-tasting pill is turned into a delicious treat! At Capsuline, we care about furry household pets just as much as we care about humans! Our pet safe, synthetical chicken flavored capsules are such a great step in ensuring a successful cat pilling experience. 

Cat behavioral expert Ingrid Johnson is a mastermind at properly administering medication in a way that is both enjoyable for the cat and turns the process into a reward. In some of her videos, which can be found on the Capsuline YouTube channel, Ingrid explains the process step by step on how to properly administer medication to a cat. One of the most helpful videos can be found here [video link]. She goes on to explain the exact ways a cat should be positioned, held, and fed, and the entire process is made that much easier using our chicken flavored pill capsules.  

We know that some of you are thinking that the regular process of hiding medication in their food is a very simple process that requires little to no effort. This may be true, for certain kitties. Cats tend to be very mischievous around the house, which if you are a cat owner reading this, we know that you can agree to that statement. When a cat is presented with something that does not taste pleasant, they can and will tend to hide it, even if that means unsuccessfully clawing their way through the hardwood floor to “dig a hole”. Medicines are not cheap, and we at Capsuline know that. 

Cat taking a capsule by Capsuline

Dealing with Picky Eaters

Capsuline chicken flavored PetCaps have so many benefits for your cat, as well as human grade and all natural ingredients! These tasty pill capsules may look tiny, but inside holds some amazing qualities, such as being both Kosher and Halal certified, gluten free, allergen friendly, and having only the best ingredients on the market. Capsuline sources all of our ingredients from within the company, to ensure the best quality in all our products. 
The great thing about our pet pill capsules is the ability to put several different kinds of medication into one capsule! This not only saves time, but also makes the digestive process a lot easier for the cat! Only having to take one capsule, as opposed to several small and chalky pills, is absolutely easier and less stressful for both you and your fur baby.
We truly value the customers input of our products and always appreciate feedback, which is why a good review makes us as a company know we are doing the right thing. According to Maria, who is a frequent buyer of our products such as the pet pill capsules, “These size 3 flavored capsules hold several of my cat's small dose meds. I can fit 1/4 pepcid, half odansetron, 1/4 metaclopramide and 1/4 cerenia in a single capsule and 1/2 cyproheptadine and one felimazole tablet in another capsule. So instead of 6 nasty tasting pills I only give my kitty two agreeable capsules. I chose to wet the capsules before giving them so they slip down easily, but I have to work fast - before the capsule melts. I have been using capsules for my cats for decades. They're the best way to go, IMHO!”.  
Having a pet is so rewarding and definitely presents some struggles at times. A very important aspect of being a pet parent is knowing how to properly handle these struggles. The good news is that the Capsuline pet pills have so many different benefits when it comes to medicating your pets such as: 
  • The ability to put more than one medicine into one capsule 
  • Different sized pills ranging from 4-000 
  • To find the proper size that makes sense for your needs, refer to this chart.

For more information on the Capsuline Petcaps visit the Capsuline website for any questions. We truly care about the health, safety, and happiness of both you and your pet.  

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